Pitching Distance

When selecting a batting cage the ideal length of the batting cage will equal or exceed the distance measured from the pitchers mound to home plate. The best results for practice hitting can be obtained by using the same pitching distance in practice as used in the game. Frequently shorter distances are used for batting practice and this works well. Shorter pitching distances will force a faster reaction time from the practice hitter. When using a decreased distance during batting practice the pitched ball appears to travel at higher speed due to the decreased reaction time.

The pitching distances shown below can be used to help determine an ideal pitching distance for batting practice along with the appropriate batting cage size. Pitching distances shown below are measured from the front of the pitchers plate to the rear of the home plate. We also offer backyard batting cages for sale and commercial batting cages for sale.

Baseball Pitching Distance

League Distance
Pro, College, High School, Babe Ruth and Colt 60 feet 6 in
Pony 54 feet
Bronco 48 feet
Little League 46 feet
Mustang 44 feet
Pinto 38 feet

Softball Pitching Distance

Fast Pitch Distance
College and adult Men's 46 feet
College and adult Women's 43 feet
Under 18 Male 46 feet
Under 18 Female 40 or 35 feet
Slow Pitch Distance
Adult 50 feet
Under 18 Male 46 feet
Under 18 Female 50 feet

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