Keeping Your Children Safe Inside and Out Of Baseball Batting Cages

Baseball, like most sports, requires a lot of repetitive movements during practice to to master a skill. In the course of practice and even in actual games, children, in particular, tend to hurt and injure themselves. Dr. John Sheehan, in his recent article for, writes about child safety during baseball practice:

Baseball Field

"According to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, more than 3.5 million children under age 14 experience sports- and recreation-related injuries each year. Approximately 500,000 of these are baseball injuries that must be treated in hospital emergency rooms, doctors offices, clinics and ambulatory surgery centers."

That's one too many emergency treatment for children to suffer through doing something they love. There are several ways to assure safety during play, and as a supervising adult, you can ensure that some safety precautions are met before practice or the game itself.

Your part begins by getting good equipment and arranging safe venues for your children and other children to practice in. Getting good practice locations like fine backyard batting cages can help minimize injuries by providing secure places to play. Additionally, well-made equipment like a batting helmet with facial protection devices reduces the possibility of getting hurt during practice.

Go to dependable suppliers for all your equipment. Faulty devices can only increase the chance of inflicting injury to yourself. Baseball Batting Cages sell excellent baseball batting cages, as well as other safety devices, clothing, mitts, shoes, and all other equipment you'll need to play the sport safely and enjoyably.

It is also important to physically prepare the children before engaging them in the rigors of the game. A good stretch and warm-ups, such as jumping jacks, running, or walking for five minutes, minimize the stress and shock on their muscles and joints. The proper warm-up like gentle stretching, holding each position for at least 30 seconds, should condition the body sufficiently before and after the game.

Physical preparation that includes regular strengthening and conditioning program even during the off-season is recommended for regular players. Exercises develop the muscles that they use for tough, high-stress play. Leg extensions and other leg and arm exercises prepare them for running and catching. Note that most baseball injuries involve throwing the arm and shoulder, so arm stretches and leg exercises should be part of the ongoing prep-ups for little leaguers and pros alike.

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(Source: Keeping it safe on the baseball field,, June, 19, 2014)

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