Outdoor Pro Practice Mound  


Price: $1,049.00 Per each

Qty  each
Shipping: $220.00  

  • Full body construction with overlapping interlock design
  • Less than 50 pounds per section
  • Will not damage or scratch gym floors
  • Level pivot area in front of rubbber to promote good balance
  • Total storage space needed - 10" x 48" x 102"
  • Enables pitchers weight to transfer directly to floor to reduce mound from sliding during pitching practice
  • Cushioned landing reduces knee and ankle strain
  • Manufactured with resilient polyethylene foams and simulated rubber covering that will not wear down

  •   * The Indoor Pro Mound is Astroturf and applied to the Outdoor Pro Mound. 2 piece - 10" x 48" x 102"

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