SELECT 70x15.5x12 Sherman Frame Kit

SELECT 70x15.5x12 Sherman Frame Kit

Product Code: CS-7042CFKAS225

Price: $579.00 Per each

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BEST VALUE - Everything to build your frame is included, except the twelve 10' lengths of 2" steel tubing and the four 10' lengths of 1 1/2" steel tubing for the angle supports, which you must purchase locally.  The frame kit includes the frame elbows, feet (ground sleeves), eye bolts, cables, turnbuckles (for both ends), clips, (to hook the net to the cables), self-drilling screws, and the angle supports (to support the end arches and prevent them from bowing toward the middle when you tighten the cage's end ropes).

  • Four arches
  • 2" 14G Steel Elbows & Feet (ground sleeves)
  • 1.5" Steel angle supports (supports end arches)
  • Steel Cables (3)
  • Steel Turnbuckles (6)
  • Steel Eye Bolts (12)
  • Self Drilling Screws
  • D-Clips (54)

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